MIT Offers Certificate for Free Courses

MIT Offers Certificate for Free Courses

The most famous and oldest OCW contributor MIT comes up with a program MITx, through which it will provide a certificate of course completion after assessing the learning. This is not completely free, but at an affordable price, course ware is free as usual.

Currently MIT has 2100+ courses and more than 100 million people access the course ware. Some of these courses will be offered though an online interactive platform where
students can learn at their own pace,provides interactive and online lab facilities,Assessment of students work and providing a certificate of completion by MITx

It will be an open-source software, making it available for other schools/colleges.
Go here to find more information
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Break the Shackles and Be the Change

In this Global World Media has played pivotal role in reforming society. Media includes Electronic and print media. With the excess of Newspapers TV channels and of course with overall boom in science and technology Information has become very easy to convey. But to me that information has lost its value, wisdom and power. It looks priceless when it reaches to us without indulging us into some kind of effort. Seeing the positive aspects no doubt Media has established close links between peoples and removed the distances to great extent. But to me its negative aspects are far more alarming than positive ones.

With the freedom of media peoples are becoming more and more ignorant of their own values whether they are cultural whether they are religious. Surprisingly individuality is converting into globalization. Super power countries are fighting rather controlling World with media Wars and this media has groomed our minds in a manner that we are accepting super powers our so called GODS

To me it’s a joke that peoples are getting close to each other with this media you believe it or not we are getting infinitely far from our elders ,our blood relations ,our own beliefs, customs and traditions. I used to hear people saying that media has taught us that everyone has freedom to speak and we all can speak freely but seriously think. Are we speaking freely? We are rather speaking the language of media. We all are now slaves of media and we can’t disobey our master.

Lot of peoples would be thinking that I am seeing the half empty glass not seeing the half full glass but my dears the evil smell of half full glass is polluting the whole glass. Day by day increasing channels have corrupted this society badly. Bits and pieces of information is not Knowledge. We have become sluggish and lustful peoples and level of contentment has been badly damaged.

So here raises one question if media is so harmful for us then what can we do to avoid its danger. Its answer is very simple. Return back to your basics that is implementing true Islamic values in your life. After that I am dead sure that you and I would be able to manipulate media ourselves. In light of our ancestors work, our cultural values and our Islamic symbols we can’t be distracted by darkness of media. We have to conquer this media war by conquering ourselves if we want to bring revolution in this society

And remember the Holy words of Allah Who said that “Muslim is brother to Muslim if one Muslim feels pain all other Muslims feels pain “so Islam is Global religion from 1400 years. Can’t you see this globalization? Can’t you feel the essence of duty? Can’t you feel this media has poisoned your hearts? You have to cure yourself and stop waiting for MESSIAH of time. Break the shackles and get up………..

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Lets Support and Promote Positivity

We belong to one human race.Childrens of Amaan Hawa AS and Hazrat Adam AS.We do have one origin and same blood line.We can contradict and change our stances but we are from one basic equal origin.So we all humans on earth are interconnected n belong to one common source.Lets get out of such approach that we r caring just for our own blood.Every human is from one single blood line.Lets work for betterment of whole human kind.Lets spread peace and love on earth and lets begin a new era of respecting our contradictions and living with it.

Everyone seeks reality and describe it in his own way, it do not mean that everyone is wrong or everyone is right.It means that everyone seeks some part of truth n describes it in his own way.So if intentions are positive, positive will happen but if intentions are negative, positive work will turn out negative.We all want positive,energetic, peaceful and lovely Pakistan.We all describe it in our own way.

Lets work and strive for our thoughts for the betterment of Pakistan..

We all have one common thing that we all Love Pakistan- Lets support everyone who do positive work for Pakistan :))

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We are facing the epidemic of Dengue fever especially in Lahore. You must have heard many things about this problem. I would like to use this platform to share a few details that may help diagnosis, investigate, manage and prevent this disease.



1.This is a viral infection transferred by a special strain of mosquito.

2. When a person is infected, he gets fever, body pains, abdominal pain and nausea.

3. Every fever is not dengue, so don’t panic.

4. Over 90% of dengue fever is not harmful, that means no chance of bleeding.

5. In Dengue fever our blood cells start decreasing because it affects our blood cell forming factory that is bone marrow. White blood cells (these provide us immunity against infection) and platelets (help in our blood clotting) are the most effected cells.


1. Any one infected with dengue should not take Tab Disprin, Tab ponstan, Tab dicloran, or any other pain killer, called NSAIDs in medical terminology.

2. Don’t take any antibiotics. We stop all above medicines because they can also affect our platelets, which are already effected by Dengue virus.

3. Patients can only take paracetamole tablets. Paracetamole is not the treatment of dengue. It will only control fever and body pains, so if u don’t have fever don’t take it.

4. Take plenty of water, fresh fruits and vegetable, in particular apple juice with lemon.

5. Patients can take raw papaya (papeeta) leaves juice (raw, don’t boil).

All these things are good for your immunity; taking more water in any form is important. It also helps purify the body through urine.

6. Please don’t rush to local doctors because most of our friends don’t follow the above protocol and start giving above medicines, injections, and even steroids. In any case, the same protocol is followed in all hospitals now.

7. If your fever continues for 3 days, to be on the safe side gets a blood test done. You can go directly to any good lab and ask for complete blood count (CBC)

All good labs have automatic cell counter, so they can give you report in half an hour.

8. Remember, the normal platelet count is above 150,000. Most dengue patients have counts between 60,000 to 90,000 and it starts rising after few days of illness. Platelets count less than 10,000 may be harmful, and needs admission in hospital. If bleeding starts from nose, gums, or in urine and stool, patient needs platelets transfusion.

9. Doctors ask you to bring mega unit of platelets. There is a special machine called cell separator. Donor is attached with the machine for about 90 mins, and platelets are separated from his blood and rest of the blood is pushed back to body. Very safe procedure no harm to donor, it costs around 20,000 in private sector.

Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Hameed Latif Hospital and many other hospitals have this facility. Fatimeed Foundation is also providing cells free of cost. Platelets only stay few hours at room temp so need urgent transfusion to patient. One mega unit increases 15000 to 20000 cells.


Take all measures to prevent mosquito bites; you would know this very well. Most important measures are.

1. Ask your children to wear full sleeves shirts, no shorts please. Use socks.

2. Avoid morning walk in gardens.

3. Stop kids from playing in grass and gardens.

4. Stop drinking evening tea in your lawns.

These all measures are for few weeks only. As soon as winter starts dengue-causing mosquito will die.

via Dengue.


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Was the First temptation, Fall or Rise of ADAM?

The Temptation of Adam

A life of passion and longing is better than eternal quiet,
Even a dove that is caught in a trap, but keeps flapping its wings, changes into an eagle.
You do no more than bow down in humility;
Rise like the tall cypress tree, you who are slow to act!
The waters of Kausar and Tasnim have robbed you of the joy of action.
Take wine from the jug, real wine clear as crystal, made from grapes.
‘Good’ and ‘bad’ are figments of the imagination of your Lord.
Take pleasure in action, step out and take what you desire.
Come, rise up, so that I may show you a new kingdom!
Open your eyes and go about seeing the sights the world has to offer.
Now you are a drop of water worth nothing, become a luminous pearl!
Come down from the heavens, and live in the ocean.
You are a flashing sword, strike terror into the world’s soul;
Come out of the scabbard and show your mettle.
Spread an eagle’s wings and spill the pheasants’ blood;
For a falcon, living in the nest spells death.
You do not yet know this, but with union comes the end of longing:
What is eternal life? To burn – and keep on burning!
[Translation by Mustansir Mir]
اغوائے آدم

زندگی سوز و ساز بہ ز سکون دوام
فاختہ شاہین شود از تپش زیر دام
ہیچ نیاید ز تو غیر سجود نیاز
خیز چو سرو بلند، اے بعمل نرم گام
کوثر و تسنیم برد، از تو نشاط عمل
گیر ز مینائے تاک بادۂ آئینہ فام
زشت و نکو زادۂ وہم خداوند تست
لذت کردار گیر، گام بنہ، جوئے کام
خیز کہ بنمایمت، مملکت تازہ ئی
چشم جہاں بین کشا، بہر تماشا خرام
قطرۂ بے مایہ ئی گوھر تابندہ شو
از سر گردون بیفت، گیر بدریا مقام
تیغ درخشندہ ئی، جان جہانے گسل
جوھر خود رانما، آے بروں از نیام
بازوئے شاہیں کشا، خون تذرواں بریز
مرگ بود باز ار زیستن اندر کنام
تو نشناسی ہنوز شوق بمیرد ز وصل
چیست حیات دوام، سوختن ناتمام

And now, the question:

“Why Adam may have got tempted, according to this poem?”

My Answer:

Temptation of lust was in the blood of ADAM, when ALLAH created ADAM from dust ” Khanakhti hui Matti” which was kept for long and then ALLAH made ADAM’s body. When soul was entering in ADAM’s body, ADAM tried to get up early. The whole lot of angels screamed ” ADAM is in hurry and prone to temptation before even the complete birth of ADAM”

Iblees knew the potentials and weakness of ADAM. He used it to betray ADAM from the will of ALLAH. ADAM was reluctant in deciding to eat the forbidden fruit but Amaan Hawa pushed and convinced ADAM to eat that fruit to attain eternity. Here we can see the factor of greed is more in women and Iblees convinced Amaan Hawa initially to convince ADAM. Here we can learn that women is the biggest easily trapped weapon of Iblees. ( I am not blaming or attacking women but talking about the nature of man and women ) ALLAH could have stopped ADAM from eating the forbidden fruit, but ALLAH gave the choice to ADAM to choose burning for eternity or statically claiming the eternity as a gift without endeavor. And ADAM responded right to his potentials and to unleash his self, ADAM has choosed to claim the award of Khalifa of ALLAH through his own action of constantly burning and burning.Allah has put forward an immense trust on ADAM by giving him choice of choosing good or opposite to good. That seperation from originator of human is not just due to temptation within human. That seperation is due to the trust of ALLAH on human, which is being tested in this paradox of time,that human won’t choose the SATAN’s way of deception. Human will build a world where he will choose and implement the order of ALLAH and will rightly be called the Khalifa of ALLAH on earth.

I will proudly say that ADAM was tempted to get more near to ALLAH by differentiating from SATAN as ADAM turned back to ALLAH, on the realization of his mistake, while SATAN never turned back. This temptation was the transitionary phase of ADAM from an ideal world where beauty,nature, heaven, hell, desire and life were not able to grasp Who is ADAM? So ADAM choosed to unleash, to burn for eternal bliss.

Now what is your answer to this special quest of knowledge and wisdom? Share it !!

Note: This is shared from with the intentions of spreading the knowledge and visions of Iqbal and it just includes my answer to this question given by me on that blog.


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Exploring the Birth of ADAM

Note: This is shared from with the intentions of spreading the knowledge and visions of Iqbal and it just includes my answer to this question given by me on that blog.

Now we will explore ‘The Conquest of Nature’, after a poem from the second book of Iqbal’s poetry, The Message of the East (1923).

The Birth of Adam

Love exclaimed, ‘Now one has been born who would roll his heart in blood!’
Beauty trembled when she realised that one with a penetrating look had been born!
Nature was distraught because, from the dust of a world without will,
One had been born who could make and unmake himself, and watch over himself.
From the heavens the news went out to Eternity’s sleeping-chamber:
Beware, you who are veiled, one has been born who will tear away all veils!
Desire, resting in the lap of life and forgetful of itself,
Opened its eyes, and a new world was born.
Life said, ‘Through all my years I lay in the dust and convulsed,
Until at last a door appeared in this ancient dome.’
[Translation by Mustansir Mir]

میلادِ آدم
نعرہ زد عشق کہ خونین جگرے پیدا شد
حسن لرزید کہ صاحب نظرے پیدا شد
فطرت آشفت کہ از خاکِ جہانِ مجبور
خود گرے خود شکنے خود نگرے پیدا شد
خبرے رفت ز گردون بہ شبستان ازل
حذر اے پردگیان پردہ درے پیدا شد
آرزو بیخبر از خویش بہ آغوشِ حیات
چشم وا کرد و جہانِ دگرے پیدا شد
زندگی گفت کہ در خاک تپیدم ہمہ عمر
تا ازین گنبدِ دیرینہ درے پیدا شد

And now the Question:
“How do you feel about this part of the poem?”


Though i have lot to speak but i am speechless after reading this poem. I feel special as i feel importance given to me by my Creator. The whole of the universe is astonished and in a state of ” Kaifiyat e HU” with the birth of prince of Universe. I feel proud, self realization, and worth of human being from this great poem of Sir Iqbal.

When the news of birth of human goes to beauty, its reaction creates beauty. When this news goes to Nature, its bewildering remains its essence and when this new reaches to Eternity, one can feel the eternal aspect of human’s endeavor. With the awakening of desire, Life awakens and the story of evolution of human continued. I feel spiritually connected with Beauty, Nature, Eternity, Desire and Life who all are realizing me mines importance in and out of the dimensions of time and space.


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World of Murghideen: Is it Possible?

Note: This is shared from with the intentions of spreading the knowledge and visions of Iqbal and it just includes my answer to this question given by me on that blog.

The following is an excerpt from the abridged edition of Iqbal’s Javid Nama translated by Hina Tanveer and published by Iqbal Academy Pakistan in 2006(The original Persian text can be read at the official website of Iqbal Academy Pakistan).

Welcome to Murghideen

The city of Murghideen is a magnificent place with tall buildings. Its people are beautiful, selfless and simple; they speak a language that sounds melodious to the ears. They are not after material goods; rather they are the guardians of knowledge and derive wealth from their sound judgment. The sole purpose of knowledge and skill in that world is to help improve the life. Currency is unknown, and temperaments are not to be governed by machines that blacken the sky with their smoke. The farmers are hardworking and contented – there are no landlords to plunder their harvest, and the tillers of the land enjoy the entire fruit of their labor. Learning and wisdom don’t flourish on deceit and hence there is neither army, nor law keepers are needed, because there is no crime in Murghideen. The marketplace is free from the noisy shouts and heartrending cries of the beggars.
“In this world there is no beggar,” said the Martian Astronomer, “Nor anyone is poor; no slave, no master – no ruler and thus none dominated.”
I said, “Being born a beggar or a destitute, to be ruled or suppressed, is all by the decree of God. He alone is the architect of destiny. Destiny cannot be improved by reasoning.”
“If you are suffering at the hands of destiny,” replied the Martian astronomer with a visible anger, “It is not unfair to ask God for a new one. He has no shortage of destinies for you. Failure to understand the mystical significance of destiny has led the inhabitants of the Earth to lose their identities. Here is a hint to the secret of destiny: change yourself and your destiny will change with you. If you are dust, you shall be scattered by the wind. But if you become solid as a rock, you can break the glass. If you are dewdrop, then you are destined to fall but if you are an ocean, then you will remain. To you, faith means conformity to others while your imagination remains confined because you do not conform to yourself. Shame on the faith that serves like an addiction to opium!”
Then he paused, and added, “A gem is a gem as long as you think it is valuable, otherwise it is just a stone. The world will shape itself according to your perception of it. The heavens and the earth too will adjust.”
And now, the question:

“Do you think that there should be a world like Murghideen? Why, or why not?”

My Answer:

Murghideen is always there within us from the point where ALLAH after creating Human awarded human with choice of doing evil or good on earth. So that good selfless choice in human’s soul is always there which can collectively build Murghideen on earth.

Though it looks practically impossible to reach that ideal stage of Murghideen after spending thousands of years on earth but still that hope, that Love and fear of ALLAH, is always there in hearts of human race, which is in lesser amount but that will rise surely before the end of times to create this place an ideal place like that of Murghideen mentioned by Sir Iqbal RA.

It has promised prophetical evidence from QURAN and HADITH, when there will be rise of Hazrat Imam Mehdi AS and Hazrat ISA AS, Islam will cultivate seeds of selfless love and peace within greedy souls of human race. Yes IQBAL has rightly mentioned it, Murghideen is yet to reveal on earth.

Till that time, we need to selflessly strive for it by choosing goodness and spreading this message of spiritual meaning beyond the material borders to keep the souls igniting.

Murghideen is needed because it will deepen the thirst of human to meet with GOD selflessly without any material intentions of heaven and hell. I know heaven and hell are placed by ALLAH and ALLAH Himself gives appeal of heaven and fears humans from hell. But still, this earthly life which is given to us is never to waste it.

This life has been given to us so that we can learn to become selfless, seeking love of ALLAH without any material benefits. And being selfless on earth with an intention of Love of ALLAH, will take you near towards Murghideen on earth, whose inhabitants will desire to meet and see Creator of Universes without any material thirst.

Now what is your answer to this special quest of knowledge and wisdom? Share it !!


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