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Was the First temptation, Fall or Rise of ADAM?

The Temptation of Adam

A life of passion and longing is better than eternal quiet,
Even a dove that is caught in a trap, but keeps flapping its wings, changes into an eagle.
You do no more than bow down in humility;
Rise like the tall cypress tree, you who are slow to act!
The waters of Kausar and Tasnim have robbed you of the joy of action.
Take wine from the jug, real wine clear as crystal, made from grapes.
‘Good’ and ‘bad’ are figments of the imagination of your Lord.
Take pleasure in action, step out and take what you desire.
Come, rise up, so that I may show you a new kingdom!
Open your eyes and go about seeing the sights the world has to offer.
Now you are a drop of water worth nothing, become a luminous pearl!
Come down from the heavens, and live in the ocean.
You are a flashing sword, strike terror into the world’s soul;
Come out of the scabbard and show your mettle.
Spread an eagle’s wings and spill the pheasants’ blood;
For a falcon, living in the nest spells death.
You do not yet know this, but with union comes the end of longing:
What is eternal life? To burn – and keep on burning!
[Translation by Mustansir Mir]
اغوائے آدم

زندگی سوز و ساز بہ ز سکون دوام
فاختہ شاہین شود از تپش زیر دام
ہیچ نیاید ز تو غیر سجود نیاز
خیز چو سرو بلند، اے بعمل نرم گام
کوثر و تسنیم برد، از تو نشاط عمل
گیر ز مینائے تاک بادۂ آئینہ فام
زشت و نکو زادۂ وہم خداوند تست
لذت کردار گیر، گام بنہ، جوئے کام
خیز کہ بنمایمت، مملکت تازہ ئی
چشم جہاں بین کشا، بہر تماشا خرام
قطرۂ بے مایہ ئی گوھر تابندہ شو
از سر گردون بیفت، گیر بدریا مقام
تیغ درخشندہ ئی، جان جہانے گسل
جوھر خود رانما، آے بروں از نیام
بازوئے شاہیں کشا، خون تذرواں بریز
مرگ بود باز ار زیستن اندر کنام
تو نشناسی ہنوز شوق بمیرد ز وصل
چیست حیات دوام، سوختن ناتمام

And now, the question:

“Why Adam may have got tempted, according to this poem?”

My Answer:

Temptation of lust was in the blood of ADAM, when ALLAH created ADAM from dust ” Khanakhti hui Matti” which was kept for long and then ALLAH made ADAM’s body. When soul was entering in ADAM’s body, ADAM tried to get up early. The whole lot of angels screamed ” ADAM is in hurry and prone to temptation before even the complete birth of ADAM”

Iblees knew the potentials and weakness of ADAM. He used it to betray ADAM from the will of ALLAH. ADAM was reluctant in deciding to eat the forbidden fruit but Amaan Hawa pushed and convinced ADAM to eat that fruit to attain eternity. Here we can see the factor of greed is more in women and Iblees convinced Amaan Hawa initially to convince ADAM. Here we can learn that women is the biggest easily trapped weapon of Iblees. ( I am not blaming or attacking women but talking about the nature of man and women ) ALLAH could have stopped ADAM from eating the forbidden fruit, but ALLAH gave the choice to ADAM to choose burning for eternity or statically claiming the eternity as a gift without endeavor. And ADAM responded right to his potentials and to unleash his self, ADAM has choosed to claim the award of Khalifa of ALLAH through his own action of constantly burning and burning.Allah has put forward an immense trust on ADAM by giving him choice of choosing good or opposite to good. That seperation from originator of human is not just due to temptation within human. That seperation is due to the trust of ALLAH on human, which is being tested in this paradox of time,that human won’t choose the SATAN’s way of deception. Human will build a world where he will choose and implement the order of ALLAH and will rightly be called the Khalifa of ALLAH on earth.

I will proudly say that ADAM was tempted to get more near to ALLAH by differentiating from SATAN as ADAM turned back to ALLAH, on the realization of his mistake, while SATAN never turned back. This temptation was the transitionary phase of ADAM from an ideal world where beauty,nature, heaven, hell, desire and life were not able to grasp Who is ADAM? So ADAM choosed to unleash, to burn for eternal bliss.

Now what is your answer to this special quest of knowledge and wisdom? Share it !!

Note: This is shared from with the intentions of spreading the knowledge and visions of Iqbal and it just includes my answer to this question given by me on that blog.


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