About Pak Revolutionist

Born to wander,wander in search of my own self wid the iron believe on ALLAH that one day i will reach my final point of exploration and that’s ALLAH only. I wud love to be there but till then i hv to wander…wander in the deserts,oceans,gardens,caves and planets of Love,desire,exploration and wisdom!!!!!!!!

I am Poet, Philosopher, Writer, Social Activist,Revolutionist, Textile Engineer & above all seeker of Ultimate Truth of my self and the existence of whole Universe.

My aspirations are to change myself and become a better human being to serve humanity as I love ALLAH and through that love I have got directions to love and serve Allah’s creations, which I am trying to do in this finite life of mines.

My Poetic pieces!!!!!

O Man…Look deep in your heart
If you See blackness (sins)…You haven’t earned anything
If you See GOD….You have earned millions..
If you do not see anything
Go find some eye
which see truth of your existence…

ALLAH walay farmatay hain:
Vay hath kaar wul,Dil Yaar wul rakheen
Tainu Ishq Haqiiqi labh ja si
Jaira ganda naheen Oh banda naheen
Tainu paki paleeti labh ja si

Keep your hands busy in work
Keep your heart busy in beloved
You will once find purest Love
The one who is not dirty is not human (dirty from inside)
You will find secret of purity in dirt.

My Philosophy of Life:

When u sit, walk, hear, stand,sleep and talk….u do poetry….Even the stars, galaxies and universe is in poetical motion…Every human, every thing alive or dead is in poetical motion…Poetry is not just exhibited by words…Its in and out of yourself….Connecting you with the Ultimate….Ur symmetry, Ur Logic, Ur findings, Ur breaths r all poetry…Feel it with the eyes of Nature and stay blessed!!!

There is rhythm hidden in all ur daily activities…n if u will break ur rhythm u will get disturbd…That rhythm….That sequence is poetry….That sense of being connected with time,space and galxies…That sense of feeling the infinite bond of love is poetry…You can’t hate poetry as its in your nerves and u r breathing poetry…If its stopped u r stopped 4ever!!!!!

My Quotations:

Fall of man from heavens is not depravity from heavens. Its transition from simple consciousness to the first flash of self consciousness. Man’s first act of disobedience was also his first act of choice. A being whose movements are wholly determined like a machine cannot produce goodness.Freedom to choose good involves freedom to choose what is opposite of good. Regardless of this risk of disobedience of human, God shows his immense faith in man; it is now for man to justify this faith.

Your self is not for your self, its for selves who are starving to become self.

Mysticism is the white color of soul which gets prominent when the black color of ego vanishes…….

Human comes unpolluted in world but pollution of insatiable desires pollutes his existence so much that sometimes human even fails to become a human. The objective of Islam is never to kill desires of human but it controls his desires to help him exist as a better human.

When the human ego is prisoned without its intention, it revolts and when human ego is surrendered intentionally, it evolves towards better meanings of existence.

My Humanitarian Works:

Pakistan Youth Revolution

Coordinator · Aug 2008 to present · Lahore, Pakistan
Lead welfare activities regarding Blood Donation Campaigns,Flood Relief Campaigns,Fund Collection Campaigns for Fountain House
Fountain House “YOU ARE NOT ALONE”
Aug 2008 to present
Leading 14th Aug and Eid Functions there at Fountain House to spend time with the privileged special members of Fountain House and also helped Fountain House in there Fund Raiser Campaigns.

Blood donation Campaignwith Waseem Zia

Trying to help needy ones regarding Blood Donations by collecting Blood Data from our Contacts and forwarding the to needy peoples.

Flood Relief and Medical Camps at MuzaffarGarh Villages with Jahanzaib Khan,Ali Awais and Soban Akram
Aug 2010 to Oct 2010
Coordinated and Volunteered for Flood Relief Activities including Medical Camps at 14 Villages of Muzzafargarh Villages during Floods in 2010

Message Welfare Trust

Team Member · Jan 2010 to present · Lahore, Pakistan
Street Art Competition 2010 and 2011with Mudassir Zia
Coordinated this event along with team of MWT


I have written my poems in Urdu, English and Punjabi. My poetical work is basically on philosophy, spiritualism,love and youth activism.

Political activism
Working to ignite the souls of Pakistan to reach some political solution of existing crisis in Pakistan regarding corruption and injustice

I am basically working on Unity of Human intellect as a whole.Unity of all religions on this earth and guiding science towards that Theory of Everything, where Science will learn to surrender in front of one Premier Lord, AllAH.

Contact Information


Screen Names
shoaib.blackshadow(Google Talk)
shoaibarif111(Windows Live Messenger)




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