Lets Support and Promote Positivity

24 Sep

We belong to one human race.Childrens of Amaan Hawa AS and Hazrat Adam AS.We do have one origin and same blood line.We can contradict and change our stances but we are from one basic equal origin.So we all humans on earth are interconnected n belong to one common source.Lets get out of such approach that we r caring just for our own blood.Every human is from one single blood line.Lets work for betterment of whole human kind.Lets spread peace and love on earth and lets begin a new era of respecting our contradictions and living with it.

Everyone seeks reality and describe it in his own way, it do not mean that everyone is wrong or everyone is right.It means that everyone seeks some part of truth n describes it in his own way.So if intentions are positive, positive will happen but if intentions are negative, positive work will turn out negative.We all want positive,energetic, peaceful and lovely Pakistan.We all describe it in our own way.

Lets work and strive for our thoughts for the betterment of Pakistan..

We all have one common thing that we all Love Pakistan- Lets support everyone who do positive work for Pakistan :))

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Posted by on September 24, 2011 in Revolution in Pakistan


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