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We are facing the epidemic of Dengue fever especially in Lahore. You must have heard many things about this problem. I would like to use this platform to share a few details that may help diagnosis, investigate, manage and prevent this disease.



1.This is a viral infection transferred by a special strain of mosquito.

2. When a person is infected, he gets fever, body pains, abdominal pain and nausea.

3. Every fever is not dengue, so don’t panic.

4. Over 90% of dengue fever is not harmful, that means no chance of bleeding.

5. In Dengue fever our blood cells start decreasing because it affects our blood cell forming factory that is bone marrow. White blood cells (these provide us immunity against infection) and platelets (help in our blood clotting) are the most effected cells.


1. Any one infected with dengue should not take Tab Disprin, Tab ponstan, Tab dicloran, or any other pain killer, called NSAIDs in medical terminology.

2. Don’t take any antibiotics. We stop all above medicines because they can also affect our platelets, which are already effected by Dengue virus.

3. Patients can only take paracetamole tablets. Paracetamole is not the treatment of dengue. It will only control fever and body pains, so if u don’t have fever don’t take it.

4. Take plenty of water, fresh fruits and vegetable, in particular apple juice with lemon.

5. Patients can take raw papaya (papeeta) leaves juice (raw, don’t boil).

All these things are good for your immunity; taking more water in any form is important. It also helps purify the body through urine.

6. Please don’t rush to local doctors because most of our friends don’t follow the above protocol and start giving above medicines, injections, and even steroids. In any case, the same protocol is followed in all hospitals now.

7. If your fever continues for 3 days, to be on the safe side gets a blood test done. You can go directly to any good lab and ask for complete blood count (CBC)

All good labs have automatic cell counter, so they can give you report in half an hour.

8. Remember, the normal platelet count is above 150,000. Most dengue patients have counts between 60,000 to 90,000 and it starts rising after few days of illness. Platelets count less than 10,000 may be harmful, and needs admission in hospital. If bleeding starts from nose, gums, or in urine and stool, patient needs platelets transfusion.

9. Doctors ask you to bring mega unit of platelets. There is a special machine called cell separator. Donor is attached with the machine for about 90 mins, and platelets are separated from his blood and rest of the blood is pushed back to body. Very safe procedure no harm to donor, it costs around 20,000 in private sector.

Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Hameed Latif Hospital and many other hospitals have this facility. Fatimeed Foundation is also providing cells free of cost. Platelets only stay few hours at room temp so need urgent transfusion to patient. One mega unit increases 15000 to 20000 cells.


Take all measures to prevent mosquito bites; you would know this very well. Most important measures are.

1. Ask your children to wear full sleeves shirts, no shorts please. Use socks.

2. Avoid morning walk in gardens.

3. Stop kids from playing in grass and gardens.

4. Stop drinking evening tea in your lawns.

These all measures are for few weeks only. As soon as winter starts dengue-causing mosquito will die.

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If I ever became President of Pakistan, I will.

Since 64 years of Pakistan’s independence, there has been a chaos between the establishment of Pakistan and the common man of Pakistan. As it has been long debated truth, that only cause of Pakistan’s existence must be implementation of Islamic laws including interest free economy, Qazi Court system , and Punishment laws, so that system of Quran and Sunnah governance can be launched in Muslims.

It’s a proven fact that we can be more secular, liberal or modern living together with Hindus in a combined India, so the only reason to give sacrifice of 50 Lac Muslims was the implementation of Islam as system of governance. Unfortunately, After Quaid’s sudden demise, we completely lost the direction and there came the periods of puppet democracy leading Pakistan in to the worst world of corruption. And there were some real sweet periods of Army dictatorship, where we have enjoyed sanctions of the world and our Army enjoyed the so called country saving governance tenure.

I personally believe that Pakistan needs a presidential system like that of America which is closer to Islamic Khilafat based system, in a sense that there are some peoples who understand the stakes of America and pick those peoples as presidential candidates who are in line with the stakes of America by all means and then public elects them. Islamic Khilafat system is similar to that in a sense that there is Majlis e Shura which selects nominations for Khalifa on the criteria of Quran and Hadith, then common peoples elects out of those nominations.

Coming to the point, if I will ever become president of Pakistan, I will dictate evolutionary revolution in a following way:

1.Quran and Hadith will be the new law of Pakistan, finishing obsolete dualist constitution of 1973.

2.Current Justice and Punishment system will be evolutionarily dissolved in to Qazi Adalat system and Islamic punishments will be implemented in a way it was being implemented in Islam.

3.Interest free economy will be initiated from state bank of Pakistan evolutionarily to all banks of Pakistan.

4.Youth Activists from all parts of Pakistan will be engaged and they will be appointed with Technocrats heading Government machinery and they will assist them so that they can be prepared to lead Pakistan in future.

5. I will invite and choose financial, economic, education,media,foreign policy, Interior Policy experts to decide :

5.1 No To America in every evil thing like Drone Attacks,Aids, Air Bases, NATO Supply.

5.2 No to Begging from any country as Begging will be declared official crime at Government level.

5.3 No to Government Luxurious Lifes No Cars,Bengalas,ACs, Exclusion of Taxes ( Everything like that will be made public property and whole Government machinery will live with the basic salary without facilities till payment of foreign debts. The pay of the Government officials including President will be equal to the wage of Labour. Everyone have to work out for more earnings for his life.

5.4 Answer of one question: How many years of extreme hard work and sacrifice we need to pay our foreign debts?Then these experts will implement all the mentioned decisions with no cushion for a single mistake under the direct reporting of President.

6. Education Minister will be called to end this biased education system which create divisions between rich and poor. All the schools and colleges will be given one syllabus, in which there won’t be any segregated subject of Islamiyat. Infact the whole syllabus of Science and Arts will be re written in light of Quran and Sunnah till 12th class, so that when a child leaves college, he must have strong vision of complete Islam including Jihad.

7. The whole voter list will be crashed and unbiased written plus interview examination will be setup to examine the political stature of the voter. The voter clearing the examination will be given chance to cast his/her vote and there will be mobile and internet votes to save the high budget involve in elections.

8. At National level, Islamic Conference will be called, in which all the famous scholars representing different sects of Islam will be invited to show Islamic Unity on Allah’s oneness and Last Prophet PBUH. That will be ordered to teach common teachings of Islam in masses and anyone teaching biasness or differences in sects will be punished according to Islam. And after words that National Level Conference will exceed to International Ummah Level conference where scholars from the whole world will be called and consensus on unity of Ummah will be developed on common grounds of teachings and Islamic Block of the World will be revived to show the world that Muslims are one, if any Muslim is touched in any part of the world, there will be heavy revenge and strategy will be made to defend muslim majority regions like Kashmir, Palestine, Bosnia.

Yes, I know and agree that most of these things looks practically impossible in current world scenario but with this article of mine, i am re setting the direction for Pakistan, as it was the original theme of Pakistan to make it a Islamic Welfare Leading state which will examplify the glory of Muslim for the whole Ummah. I do not want to live in a fool’s paradise, as i know what is going on in the world. Pakistan is surely in wait of that leader, who will solve this paradox of chaos and lead Pakistan’s way towards its original direction of implementing Islam as a political system of governance. It won’t be by force in any means, it will be extracted from the will of the peoples living here in Pakistan and above all it will be the milk of dream of 50 Lac sacrificers at the time of partition.

It is not important that whether i become President of Pakistan or not, but i will keep striving to take Pakistan to that stage at which Pakistan will become true leader of whole Ummah with all its nukes in the pockets, giving lesson of Khudi ‘self esteem’ to the whole world inshaALLAH very soon.


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World News Reporting: Taliban Leader Mullah Omar Killed

Kabul: Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar has been killed in Pakistanm cited by Xinhua on a private television channel stating on Monday.
“Mullah Omar was killed on way from Quetta to North Waziristan,” Afghanistan’s TOLO television stated.

Moreover a security official has also confirmed killing of Mullah Umar, “It is correct that Mullah Omar has been killed.” But he did not disclose details.

Omar was renowned as the spiritual leader of the Taliban movement that operates in parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan. He was Afghanistan’s de facto head of state from 1996 to late 2001 and had the title “Head of the Supreme Council”.


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Story of PNS Mehran attacks by militants

At Karachi, The exchange of firing between security forces and militants, who are involved in PNS Mehran attacks, is still continuing after almost 8 hours of the attack. According to the reports, fresh commandos have reached PNS Mehran on morning of Monday and Zarar company if fully participating in the operationg and helicopters are also roaming for surveilance. Four militants have blown themselves, while 4 militants have been arrested by security forces.

More than 15 explosions have been heard so far since militants assualted PNS Mehran. According to the Navy spokesperson 2 P-3C Orion aircrafts have been completely destroyed in the attacks of militants while 5 while 5 including four Navy and one rangers personnel have got Shaheed and 9 others have recieved injuries during this operation.

However Taliban Pakistan has accepted the responsiblity of this attack on Pakistani Navy and Pakistan’s interior minister Rehman Malik is also saying that Taliban Pakistan is involved in these attacks. But reality is totally different actually. These attacks are governed by Amerian spy agency CIA for there material benefits as Pakistan was going forward with China in military colloborations and have offered its famous Gawadar Port to China also, which is indigestable for American establishment.
These attacks are in continuation of Abbotabad attacks of America in which they have targeted Pakistani ISI, Army and Airforce that Pakistani security agencies cannot defend there national assets and cannot keep an eye on terrorists like Osama Bin Laden. Now this attack on PNS Mehran is attack on Pakistani Navy and blame is on Pakistani Taliban. That type of high modern weapons like latest Rocket Launchers and Bombs are provided by CIA only to disturb all the security agencies of Pakistan to achieve multiple material benefits.

Its time for Pakistan to stand up and decide either to choose America or Peace in Pakistan.


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Imran Khan getting popular in Pakistan

Imran Khan is well renowned cricketer who has became politician, to bring justice back to Pakistan. His political organization is named ” Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf” and Imran Khan is now leading Dharnas ‘ Protests’ against American Aid, Drone Attacks and in response to it He has lead protests at Peshawar and now at Karachi by cutting NATO supply to Afghanistan for 2-4 days respectively. Now Imran Khan is going to initiate ” Save Pakistan Campaign” all over the Pakistan. Especially the youth of Pakistan is seeing real hope in form of Imran Khan.


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Radicalization or Peaceful World, Decision is Yours

This world has really become a dangerous place to live in due to some radical ideologies being used by establishments on the behalf of religion. In Pakistan, this radicalization of extremist ideology was plotted as the brain child of American and Pakistani establishment in the era of Gen. Zia, when Islamic concept of Jihad was used by American and Pakistan’s establishment (Intelligencia) against that times super power Russia.

In that era the peoples with true Islamic ideology were used to do Jihad against Russians, who invaded the never conquered land of Afghanistan for material wealth. After the Russian exit, those Jihadis formed organizations like AlQaeda and Taliban, whose objective was to fight against those who are bombarding Muslims in all parts of the world. They got stronger and stronger with passage of time and then the famous 9/11 incidence occurred, which killed more than 3000 innocent humans. This attack on America was shown to be done by AlQaeda.

In retaliation, Americans attacked Afghanistan in search of Osama Bin Laden killing thousands of innocent humans but they were justified to do so according to UN resolutions. Then Americans attacked Iraq in search of Sadam Hussain and killed more than thousand of innocent peoples under the biased banner of UN resolutions. Now America invaded Libya in search of Col. Gaddafi and is killing thousands of humans. The question here is that Can this radicalization end, as America has proved to be a International terrorist by killing more than Lac of innocent humans on earth?

Islam has nothing to do with any kind of radicalizations, Infact Islam teaches the lesson of moderation in a very beautiful way. So there is huge justification of radicalization in this modern world where the super power has it self became the biggest example of radicalized state, who is killing innocent peoples in there dramatically planned malice against some peoples cultivated by America itself.

Now Americans are congratulating each others on death of Osama bin Laden, whose all radical life was directed by America it self against Russian empire, till he became independent to think that America is bull shitting Muslims of the world whether they are in Bosnia, Palestine or in any part of the world. Osama became a man, who revived the practical philosophy of retaliation Jihad backed by Islam in the sleeping Muslims of the World. So if America will keep following its revenge and adventure theory of retaliating the puppet terrorists in the world. This world will keep producing more and more Osamas, who will practically challenge the Pharos of time to make them remember the lesson of humanity given by all the religions of the world.

It’s time for America to re think its theories of accumulating material wealth by invading Muslim world, if it wants peace and love to prosper in this finite world. Otherwise time is coming soon, when there will be a immense wake up retaliation Jihad launched against terrorist establishment of America, which will not kill any innocent human being except the major culprit ones to purify this world from evil radical instigator brains. Now I leave this to all the normal brains of the world to decide that what will be the future of current radical world?

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Bin Laden killed 3 times for American aims:American establishment up to Pakistani Nukes

The whole world is gripped in to connection of one news of Osama bin laden’s killing by American CIA near Abbotabad. But this is a clear conspiracy against Pakistan’s Nuclear Assets by Anti Nuclear Pakistan agencies to declare that if Osama can be killed in Pakistan then more Alqaeda leadership can be found in Pakistan which will give clear certificate to American forces to enter in to the border of Pakistan to sabotage Pakistani nuclear assets.

In few hours more stories will rise and every international channel will start discussing that Pakistan’s Nuclear plants are not safe as Osama and its team are found very near to Pakistan’s Nuclear Plants and they will proove from this drama that Pakistan is the main culprit and responsible for all this spreading terror.

Osama has been killed in 2003,2007 and now in 2011. Everytime a new drama has been propagated by American establishment to attack Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan. America has became a clear threat to the existence of world by implementing such fake strategies to fulfill its dreams to conquer the whole world.

It looks like a very childish approach of America that such a big super power of the world has not been able to grab a single man on earth inspite of using all its technologies and army. And one man Osama Bin Laden has made them to attack three different countries on earth which resulted in killings at massive level. In response to 3000 peoples killed on 9/11, America has now killed more than 50,000 peoples in the world by attacking on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Pakistan.

This is a clear biased policy of American establishment which clearly makes them the world’s biggest terrorist state and its a strange thing to notice that peoples of America are celebrating the death of Osama just like that they have taken the revenge of killing of 3000 peoples on 9/11.

My question to them and to the whole world is that if Americans can celebrate the death of Osama, the killer of 3000 peoples, then why not 50,000 peoples in the world can celebrate the killing of American peoples in retaliation of American attacks. This war is now spreading its dimensions to the World biggest War ever as America has won hatred of the world which will definetely generate lots of negative reactions.


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